In response to a number of queries from my more popular blog, I have decided to start a blog on how to get a hedge fund job. Why do you ask? Well, for two reasons: 1) To maintain distinct brands (this one employment and the other blog case studies) and 2) Because I have a lot of people asking me (friends and readers a like) on the best way to break into the hedge fund industry and get a hedge fund job.

To familiarize my readers, I have worked at three distinct funds at this point in my career. Prior to that I worked in leveraged finance (all names, left unsaid). I always wanted a hedge fund job and after flaming out miserably on a number of early interviews, I decided to actually learn what it takes to succeed in the hedge fund interviewing process.
Now, I have met and know (personally and professionally) a number of hedge fund recruiters. This site, theoretically speaking, should enable the reader to avoid the hedge fund recruiter and go straight to the source. Now, as a disclaimer, and you know I love those, sometimes being the “Best in Show” of a hedge fund recruiter is a very good thing. They will show you the best opportunities, and many larger funds will only go through a recruiter. That may be so, but we are going to try to circumvent the process and get you where you need to be.
My ideas for this site: First, I want to focus on getting in the door or in other words, actually getting the hedge fund interview. Currently, given the state of financial careers, there is a signficant amount of supply versus demand for positions. Once you get your foot in the door, I want to talk about hedge fund interviewing, case studies, salary negotiations, etc.
As a caveat, and another disclaimer, in terms of hedge fund jobs, this site will focus on the front office aspect. I have a number of friends that run back and middle offices of hedge funds, and I hope to get them posting as well. In the meantime, the reader should assume that when I speak of hedge fund jobs, I am talking about front office finance jobs (trader, analyst, PM).
I am also talking anywhere from entry level hedge fund jobs to credit analyst jobs to portfolio manager jobs etc. Some of the techniques will be more suitable for certain positions. But what I hope to do is offer the best advice out there (there really is none) on how to get a hedge fund job.

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