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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Before we move on to networking, getting the hedge fund interview, building a case study (my form of a cover letter), etc, we need to build the hedge fund resume. This is part #1 in a Two-Part Series. Schools of thought aside, I want to lay out a practical guide / system, that will increase your chances of getting the hedge fund interview. Of course, this is not a full proof, shoot the lights out, get every job interview you apply for, system. Nothing is a magic bullet. You may have the best resume on the Street, and a fund …

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A while back a reader asked me what hedge funds would he recommend to start his hedge fund career? Now, at risk on fan boyism, I suggest any of the Tiger Cubs (of Julian Robertson fame). For those not in the know, Tiger Management Version 1.0, i.e Julian Robertson’s original hedge fund spawned a number of fantastic hedge fund managers that have racked up impressive returns. Tiger Management Version 2.0, housed at 101 Park Avenue, is a number of fund that Julian has seeded. Some are still small and some are very large. And a number of them have been …

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Some of you have been sending me emails, saying: Why are you starting a blog about hedge fund careers? Well, admittedly, I only intend to write a few posts on this blog and then whenever someone asks me how to break into the industry or how to garner hedge fund employment, I can simply point them to the blog. Plus, I like writing, there isn’t as much to do in the distressed market right now (GO GREEN SHOOTS GO!), and the more people I can help out the better. Now, I started my hedge fund career when I was younger. …

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