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A hands-on “How To” program designed to get rid of the guesswork and get more interviews than you’ve ever had.  You’ll sit down with more hedge funds in the next few months than most applicants will over the course of their entire careers.  We’re getting you a buy-side job NOW…

The goal of our resume service is simple: To tailor and craft a resume that will make you stand out in the crowd and secure you a hedge fund or buy side job in as little time as possible.

Why are we able to get you these powerful outcomes so quickly?

  1. We build a resume to demonstrate and display your unique skill set, which will be invaluable to many hedge funds and buy side organizations
  2. We consult our extensive database of successful hedge fund resumes, tailored to fund strategy specifications (long/short, distressed, macro, etc.) as we shape your resume to secure interviews at elite, name-brand hedge funds
  3. We develop an individualized strategy for approaching funds and responding to job postings that will differentiate you from the flurry of candidates and resumes every portfolio manager out there has to wade through
  4. We work with you and give you the kind of potent and crucial feedback that you need to get this process mastered until you are working at a hedge fund

Our programs are structured so that even if this is your first time trying to make the move to the buy-side, you’ll be better and more prepared than 99% of other applicants.

What we do for you is this.

We begin by laying down what to expect, and pinpointing your individual needs. Then we send you our proprietary questionnaire, that unlike most other resume services, will take you no more than fifteen minutes. We know you are busy and because of that, we have drafted a simple set of questions that will help us begin the process of understanding how you can best secure a hedge fund job.

With that in hand, we demonstrate, teach, and help you to integrate key pieces of your hedge fund resume that will highlight your strengths and craft a compelling story best illustrating your potential contributions.

We give you EVERYTHING that you need, including

  • Unlimited email access to Hunter and his team to ensure that your resume is perfectly polished.  Further, because we have a deep understanding and a wide network of connections in the hedge fund industry, close contact with us will help you change your resume on the fly for hedge fund job listing right when they hit the wire.
  • A number of one on one phone conversations with Hunter to help answer your questions on how to approach the hedge fund and buy side job interview and resume process and to further understand your specific needs and wants in securing a hedge fund job.  On these calls, we will answer ANY question including issues related to job postings, cover letters, and case studies.
  • Detailed breakdowns of the different hedge fund strategies and what each strategy is looking for in its search for future analysts.
  • Our breadth of experience both working at and interviewing potential applicants at hedge funds to help you avoid the land mines that hedge fund managers look for to quickly weed out sub-par applicants.
  • The most specified and tailored effort we have found that targets hedge fund and buy sides only.  We do not cater to any other professionals except for hedge fund and buy side applicants – this is where our experience lies and we believe WE ARE THE BEST AT IT.

We quickly uncover the mistakes you’re making that interfere with you from doing a top-notch job from start to finish. Just removing some of these mistakes will get you big gains immediately.

Then we go through your resume together, suggest changes, make alterations, and develop your selling points to better align yourself with the wants and needs of the average hedge fund manager.

Throughout the whole process, we are progressively bettering your chances and abilities to secure hedge fund interviews and land hedge fund jobs until you are competent enough to aggressively continue reaching for your goal long after we have worked with you.

We give you a ton of feedback.  We cut back all things you’re doing wrong, enhance what you’re doing right, and help you integrate all sorts of new ideas that you hadn’t though of.

From all that, we develop and practice a game plan that you really like, so that after our time working with you is done, you can use it whenever there’s a hedge fund job opening that you’d like to apply to.

No matter if you are just starting out or making a mid-career move, getting a hedge fund or buy side job requires a resume with impact.  Too often people ask me: “Hunter – I keep sending my resume out over and over again and still have not secured an interview.  What do I do?”

Having your resume noticed among the weekly flood of applicants takes an insider’s knowledge of what hedge fund managers are looking for.   Every business is looking for unique talent, but in the hedge fund industry it’s even more important because a specialized role gives a fund profitable market advantage.

That’s where we come in: We work on the buy side.  We’ve worked at a number of high profile hedge funds.  We even have reviewed hedge fund applicants resumes.

The bottom line: This is what we do – and we do it best.  Stop dabbling with half-measures and get a top notch hedge fund resume once and for all.

So let’s recap:

We work directly with you, answer all your questions, provide you with unlimited feedback, and show you exactly how to get a hedge fund or buy side job as fast as humanly possible. I do not care if you haven’t worked on the buy side before. Or if you are out of a job right now and working to get back on top. Or if you’ve tried in the past and nothing worked.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters is your desire to work on the buy side…and to learn the best tools, methods, and techniques to get there as quickly as possible.

This isn’t rocket science. But it can take you a LONG time to figure it out on your own. I’ve spent many years on the buy side learning what creates the top analysts and portfolio managers that each fund is looking desperately to find.  Why do you think there is so much poaching in the hedge fund industry?  The cream of the crop are few and far between.

Let us be your guide.  We know the fastest direct path to get where you want to go.

This is the program that I would have killed to have had offered to me when I first started looking for a hedge fund job.   It is literally us, standing over your shoulder, guiding you through all the details of doing it all yourself.

Now picture this.

It’s a year from today and you’re working at a hedge fund. Even better, you know that you have the ability to apply to ANY fund at ANY time so that you never feel stuck or in a position of having control over your own career.

You don’t have to wonder about how the “process” plays itself out because you’ve been through that process and had the precise knowledge and tools hammered into you so that its second nature.

Now, think about where you are today.  You might not be happy with your career. You want to take it to the next level.  What price tag would’ve made it a good investment?

I can’t promise you will become Larry Robbins or David Einhorn by working with us.  I don’t know you – your motivation – your desire to get this handled and squared away.

But if you’ve read through our various sites you see that we’ve already helped out hundreds of potential hedge fund applicants like yourself to craft and build the career and set of skills to reach their goal of joining a hedge fund.

So Here’s the Deal

Individual career coaching is expensive and I’m consistently told by people who find out about the results that we produce that I should be charging at least $5,000 and filling up as many spots as possible.

So the question is, are YOU willing to pay $5,000 to get this handled?

You should be. People spend their entire lives trying to join this profession and build careers that will generate million dollar pay-days YEAR after YEAR.

But with all the “noise” out there, I want to be known for having the highest quality product and the best deal around.

So that’s why if you have enough desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing $500-$1500 (depending on your desired level of service) in yourself, we will work with you personally and focus on you to make sure we make all the crucial adjustments that need to be made to make sure you have the tools ready long after we are gone.  We work with no more than three or four job seekers at a time so you know we will be laser focused on your particular skill sets and needs.

Now is the time to get your career to a place you want it to be.  I truly want to help you get the job you deserve.  I get emails every day from current hedge fund analysts that I have helped in the past – I want to see you get those results as well.

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