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Over the past few years, we have helped many buy-side and sell-side professionals reach their goal of landing a seat at a hedge fund. We have placed candidates at a wide variety of firms including long/short equity, distressed debt, global equity, Asia focused, and credit/high yield funds. Over the years, we’ve asked customers to share their thoughts on the program. Here is just a sample of some of the feedback we’ve received:

  • “The service pushed me to sharpen my resume with the right goal in mind…to gain the attention of the right firms with the best opportunities.  Feedback [from Hunter] jump started my search process and armed me with smart, tailored case studies that highlighted my skill sets and overall horsepower. All in all, an incredibly helpful experience.”
  • “I would compare the experience with Hunter to working with a great personal trainer – you are in this process only vaguely knowing what you needed to do, but it makes a great deal of difference in the result having someone guiding and monitoring you with professional advice. And I appreciate the clarity working with Hunter – he always gives clear deliverables and a track-able time line, both for his work and for the clients who need to sharper their skills. His extensive experience on the buy-side has given him an insider’s perspective that is very valuable for the job search.”
  • “Given the significant number of resume services in the marketplace for Wall Street professionals today, it is oftentimes difficult for potential clients to select the right career partner when searching for someone with whom to work, especially when the long hours and erratic schedules many analysts/traders have during the week are taken into consideration. With that in mind, there were five key criteria that I was looking for throughout my search process: 1) Very strong “connection” to the specific marketplace I was targeting – In particular, I was seeking someone that had access to the best headhunters and/or an extensive network of contacts for my desired niche; 2) Significant previous experience with clients that resulted in successful placements at high profile funds; 3) Ability to develop a resume/case study that would stick out from my competition; 4) Willingness to provide constructive criticism and offer helpful hints, particularly during the mock interview process; 5) Flexibility to work around my schedule. I can honestly say that I found each of these items in my experience with Hunter and his resume service. Not only did he help me build a rock solid resume and portfolio of case studies to send to potential employers, he also guided me through the mock interview process, which allowed me to perform extraordinarily well in actual interview settings. Additionally, I found his knowledge and rolodex of contacts within the distressed marketplace to be on par with the best recruiters on the Street, which allowed me to focus my time and efforts in the best manner possible. Lastly, he was willing to work around my schedule, particularly during earnings season, which I found to be tremendously helpful. In summary, I would highly recommend Hunter’s resume service to anyone that is looking for a results-oriented process that will greatly improve your chances of making a successful career transition in today’s very challenging marketplace.”
  • “Hunter gave me the best advice out of anyone I spoke to about getting a hedge fund job. He was instrumental in helping my confidence. I learned how to take a view and form an investment thesis- I am still using what he taught me in my current job as a buysider.”
  • “Working with Hunter has been the best investment of my career. The service was so much more than just developing a great resume. I also got in depth questions and suggestions on my case study, highly personalized potential interview questions (all of which I was actually asked!), recruiting strategies and even help with salary negotiation. It was a lot of work, but if you’re extremely motivated, do yourself a favor and just ask him where his clients ended up. The results speak for themselves.”

If you are interested about hearing how we can help you achieve your goals in landing a job at a hedge fund, please feel free to contact me: hunter @ distressed-debt-investing [dot] com

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