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Our Case Study Service programs will arm you the practical knowledge you need to deliver a one in a kind case study and set you on the path of success to secure a hedge fund or buy side job IMMEDIATELY…

We’ve taken the best methods and insights that we’ve developed over the years and crammed them into an in-depth, hand-on program that will jump start your success.

How do we do this?

We present a plan that you can instantly apply to your particular situation no matter where you’re at in the interview process or what position you are applying for.  These programs are structured to systematically equip you with the core essentials you’ll need to present the very best case study a hedge fund manager has ever seen.

With our case study services, the methods, analytical tools, and presentation techniques, which have taken us years to refine, you can learn the system to get the interviews and buy side position you want.

We plan on launching our case study services in January 2011 – For now, please check our our resume service offerings.

Get Your Impact Resume

Having your resume noticed among the weekly flood of applicants takes an insider's knowledge of what hedge fund managers are looking for...

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Ace Your Case Study

Few candidates for hedge fund jobs make it past the final case study. We will show you how its done...

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